The Price We Pay

It’s been almost a year since my initial article on applying the Kelly Criterion came out. I think I’ve made a little headway in helping bettors to understand its impact, but apparently not enough. Many otherwise sharp guys are still singing the same tune they always have, and aren’t following the math. At least one thing we all agree on is that price is king when it comes to sports betting. They may think that a price is only good enough when it’s +EV, but in fact getting a price that’s pretty close to neutral EV can be very useful for hedging. No matter how you use it, line shopping is the key to getting the best price available.

My preferred line-shopping site is They have lots of other great features too, like an arb screen (or a value bet + non-valuable bet screen for those who still think arbing is throwing away profit) and a bonus cruncher to help convert free bets into risk-free money. If you want to try it, please consider using my referral link and tell ’em Dan sent you if you end up subscribing to the Plus account to get all the features:


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